KIA is experienced in offering its services to fully managing a project from initial thought process to
strategy formulation, to planning, and carrying it to its final implementation.
Our consultants are also available to assist in the in-house projects where partial
out-sourcing becomes critical for their completion and final roll out. Our proposal is simple - we reduce the risks associated with complex projects and finish them in time to the advantage of business needs.
As the Complexity and the Level of IT System Integration grow within your
Company, so do the expectations and demands on your IT Infrastructure.
In order to effectively address your requirements, we are wholly committed to providing the right personnel with the highest levels of Technical Knowledge and Expertise. Our staff always follows a
predetermined professional approach to supplying and supporting the right solution.
Highly accredited, trained and dedicated consultants are available to our clients to plan and implement leading edge solutions.

Our consultants are skilled and experienced in the latest technologies, and can offer expertise in the areas such as Application Design and Development, Network Programming, Java Application Servers, e-Commerce, ERP Packages, Network and Database Administration, Telecom, and Networking.
Whether you are a highly qualified I.T System or Network manager for a large multinational company or a small startup business seeking assistance for hardware / softwareinstallation, KIA has the knowledge, infrastructure, products and services you need.
The I.T (sales) industry is predominantly split into two halves - 'Solution Providers' and 'Box Shifters'. KIA Consulting is a solution provider assures higher level of Service and a higher level of Technical Support, the exact opposite can be applied to the Box Shifters of our industry (Dedicated e-tailors and Mail Order Companies) - but inferior quality and support.
Commitment to our clients is on an on-going basis, providing support and service. KIA maintains absolute quality, and professionalism in all business activities.
Whether you are installing a new or extending an existing network system, we offer a range of cabling and installation services, flexible to the task in hand. We can deliver, install and configure your complete system, ready for use.
To ensure total peace of mind at all times, we offer and provide a wide range of system support. Schemes designed to be cost effective and give your company the right level of support. This may be in the form of a separate hardware or software support contract, or a total care / maintenance agreement, suiting the systems importance to your operating environment, covering all aspects of network systems, such as:
Network Performance Tuning  
Our engineers are available to carry out network performance testing to establish where problems may exist or where improvements in network performance can be achieved.
Performance analysis, health checks and tuning
Regular health checks and performance analysis are vital to keep a system running at its optimum level. This service is available from KIA on an ad-hoc, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly contractual basis.
End user PC Support, training and support for desktop applications including MS Office suite and other office applications.
KIA provides IT resources dedicated to serving the unique needs of government and educational institutions.
KIA understands the needs of government today. We've got you covered with end-to-end computing services/products.
KIA Provides services and products to various educational institutions such as Schools, Colleges and Universities.